Our values




first class team

  • well-trained, experienced, motivated investigators
  • up-to-date GCP knowledge
  • large patient pool
  • routine both in medical attendance and in research
  • regularly trained, English-speaking coordinators, in-depth knowledge of their studies

know-how and QA

  • compliance with all laws, rules and regulations
  • detailed standard operating procedures (SOP) system
  • full approval of competent authority as well as insurance policy for all activities
  • regular in-house and outside trainings


  • up-to-date, well-equipped medical offices
  • modern IT background (printers, scanners, copiers, faxes and high-speed wireless/wired Internet connection available to our monitors, too)
  • 7/24 emergency line
  • dedicated working area and parking lot for our monitors
  • laboratory, document archive, drug storage room
  • temperature-controlled storing opportunities with remote surveillance
  • access control and log
  • regular calibration and testing of equipment


  • smooth, one-stop contracting
  • single contract
  • realistic feasibility studies at short notice
  • readily available ‘start up package’ (CVs, approvals, etc)
  • prompt, effective communication
  • proactive patient recruitment, pre-screening
  • large patient pool, referring physicians
  • media adds

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